Terms & Conditions

Brussels Airlines with ParkVia is a trading style of ParkVia Ltd.


Using our websites

The use of our websites (www.parkvia.com and others, as amended from time to time), is subject to our Website Terms of Use. All of our website users must read and agree to these terms.

Booking parking and other travel services

Parking and other travel services booked through our websites may be supplied either directly by us (ParkVia), or by a Third Party Provider.

These terms relate to bookings via a Third Party Provider: Booking Terms and Conditions (Third Party Provider/Standard). These are the terms of the contract between you and the Third Party Provider.

ParkVia Ltd is registered in the UK under number 6557569.

ParkVia Ltd, 30 Brown Street, Manchester M2 1DH, UK

Cancellation Policy

This policy applies where you cancel your booking because you have changed your mind and no longer require the services that you booked. Please see our terms and conditions for other rights that you may have to cancel your booking.

In this policy:

  • Booking Period means the length of time for which you have booked the parking or other travel services.
  • Cancellation Period means the period notified to you when we issue your booking voucher within which you may cancel your booking and be entitled to a full refund (this usually ends 24 hours prior to the start of your Booking Period but may vary between locations).

How to cancel your booking

  1. Access your ParkVia Account You can cancel your booking by accessing ParkVia account, which you can do via the My Account page on the ParkVia website.
  2. Contact our Customer Service team You can also cancel your booking by contacting our Customer Service team at customer.service@parkvia.com. You may wish to use our template cancellation form to ensure that you provide us with the necessary details to action your request.

We strongly recommend that all requests to cancel or amend bookings are made via your account on the ParkVia website. These requests are processed immediately and, if it is close to the date of your booking, this will help to ensure that your request is processed in time (subject to the time limits set out below).

Please do not attempt to contact our third party service providers directly to cancel your booking, as they will be unable to action your request.

Will I receive a refund?

When you cancel a booking, whether or not you will receive a refund of all or part of the price that you paid will depend on whether or not your cancellation is processed within the Cancellation Period.

When will my cancellation request be processed?

Requests made via your account on the ParkVia website will be processed immediately.

Requests made by any other means (including email) will only be processed during office hours (09:00 to 17:00 Central European Time).

How much notice must I give?

The ParkVia website provides a pre-booking service for parking and other travel services. When you make a booking on ParkVia, we will reserve the services that you have booked until the date and time that you specified in your booking.

Your booking is finalised with our third party service providers shortly before the date and time of the services you have booked, at which point we have done everything that we need to do to make the services available to you at the chosen location, date and time. After this time, it is too late for us to cancel your booking and make the services available for someone else.

When we issue your booking voucher, we will notify you of the latest time and date by which your cancellation must be processed in order for you to receive a full refund (this is the end of your Cancellation Period, as referred to in our Booking T&Cs). Your Cancellation Period will usually end 24 hours prior to the start of your Booking Period, but this may vary between locations.

If your cancellation is processed within the Cancellation Period, you will receive a full refund of the price that you paid for your booking.

If your cancellation is processed after the end of the Cancellation Period:

  • If your Booking Period is one day or less, you will receive no refund and you will be charged the full cost of the booking.
  • If your Booking Period is more than one day, and you placed your booking less than 14 days before the start of your Booking Period, you may receive a partial refund representing the amount of time that remains on your Booking Period 24 hours after your cancellation request is processed.

Can I request a refund or reimbursement in any other circumstances?

You may be entitled to a refund of all or part of the price you paid for your booking, or reimbursement for additional charges that you incur, if we or our third party services providers do not comply with the terms of a contract with you. Please see the terms and conditions that apply to your booking for further information.

You will not be entitled to a refund of the cost of your booking (unless your cancellation is processed within the Cancellation Period), and you will not receive any reimbursement of expenses you incur, in the following situations:

All bookings

  • Onward travel changes. It is your responsibility to remain informed of any onward travel changes and to adjust your timetable accordingly, informing ParkVia of any relevant changes. You will not be entitled to any refund or reimbursement if your onward travel plans change (including if your flight, cruise or train is cancelled).
  • Lack of booking voucher. Your booking voucher is sent out automatically by email and you will be required to present this on arrival at the selected location. If you do not receive your booking voucher, it is your responsibility to contact ParkVia to obtain the relevant details.
  • Unused booking (full or partial). If you no longer require the services booked, you must cancel your booking at least 24 hours prior to the start of your Booking Period. No refund is available for unused or partially used bookings.

Parking bookings only

  • Missed shuttle bus. Shuttle bus timetables, where applicable, are available on the ParkVia website and on your booking voucher. It is your responsibility to be aware of shuttle bus operating hours and any scheduled timetables.
  • Missed Meet & Greet driver. It is your responsibility to provide accurate meeting times and to inform the driver of any changes, with adequate notice. If your meeting time is not specified on the ParkVia website or in your booking voucher, you must contact the car park operator directly (using the details provided in your booking voucher) to obtain this information.
  • Late arrival. You will not receive any refund or reimbursement of additional expenses if you miss your booking and/or you have to park at another location due to arriving late. This includes where you are unable to find the car park that you have booked – directions are provided in your booking voucher and you may contact ParkVia in advance for help with directions. It is your responsibility to plan your journey in advance.
  • Incorrect vehicle type. Your booking voucher is specific to the vehicle that you tell us about when you place your booking and, unless otherwise stated, your vehicle is assumed to be a small or medium-sized car. You will not receive any refund or reimbursement of expenses if you provide us with incorrect details and the car park is unable to accommodate your vehicle, or charges you an additional fee to accommodate your vehicle.